Sustainable event


For residents and merchants in the neigbourhood of the Citadel Park, we plan measures which will be communicated via a specific residents letter.


When leaving Ghent Floralies and returning to your car, please respect the neighbours' night rest and do not leave any litter in the nearby streets or in the car parks. Floraliën and the many local residents thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.


Floraliën consciously opts for a lasting sustainable approach. We are taking various measures to reduce, step by step, the ecological footprint of the festival:

°  We use green electricity wherever possible and reduce consumption by using LED lighting.

° The purchasing policy is another important focus for Floraliën: for both materials and collaborators’ catering, we try to find the most sustainable choices. For example, in 2020 we will only use VLACO compost: a sustainable and local recycling product.

 ° Transport also has a major impact on the environment. As a visitor, you certainly can contribute here too. During the Floraliën festival, we will provide sufficient bicycle parking facilities and public transport will be considerably expanded, making everything perfectly accessible without a car. Consequently, we recommend you to leave your car at home.

°  And we have of course great respect for the flora on the itinerary: we protect flowers, plants and trees wherever necessary, and ask you as a visitor to do the same.

° …   

Floraliën is a member of Green Track, a transition network that wants to reduce the ecological footprint of the art sector in Ghent. Together with a number of players from this sector, Floraliën signed the Green Track charter, committing ourselves to find ways to reduce our ecological impact.